What’s Your Healing Story?

What’s Your Healing Story?

Three months after moving to my new home, I slowly give dust a bookshelf to linger on as I allow my desk to become cluttered with fresh address changed envelopes from credit card recruiters. A string of notions that has become more routine than anything I go about in my week to week.

The past four years have brought four homes along with an unpacking and settling in feeling that has become next of kin. And I know this mellowness of self-doubt that currently holds space in my mind, is nothing but the initial setback that comes along with a new street name. But, this time around, there’s another component that is beginning to feel like an old friend, reviewing my healing story.

It could be mercury retrograde, the new season or simply that football is upon us and I can’t help but have my mind wander. But I’ve been re-evaluating my healing journey and taking along others for the ride.

Spiritual books are brimming with ideas on how to heal and I know I’ve taken a suitcase (literally and figuratively) full with me in the process, but could it be solely a book that’s aided the uncovering of the deepest self? Or is it our own individual roads, foreign to even those that are closest with you that allow the pieces to be put back together? What fascinates me as of late is everyone’s individual story. 

Maybe you’ve healed your inner child by being in a relationship (or 20). Perhaps you went on a trip around the world or simply showed up at your yoga mat every single day. Maybe you went combo style or maybe it was the unfortunate passing of someone near to you that urged you to find out what happiness really means. Perhaps you’re still lingering in the introduction of it all. Much to my dismay, the story doesn’t end in your early 20’s like my naivety believed.

As I sit each day at my new workspace, fall air floating through the windscreens, I can’t help but also sit with my story. I re-read the chapters bringing to light the concept that I’ve spent my last few years working my way from coast to coast, living close to each of my three siblings along the way. Was living with my brothers and sister also allowing my to live with and heal my inner child? And now that I’m living by the only sibling I haven’t lived by, does this mean I’m done healing? 😉

I’d love to know your stories. What has been unique to you along the way? What have you learned? Should I just watch the football game instead of contemplating strange healing posts? Leave below!

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