Vata Meditation's

Vata Meditation's

The Vata mind is like an exciting game of hopscotch. One second it’s in a box of ideas and the next it’s in a box of fear. While everyone enjoys a game of hopscotch, a shaky jump can make you anxious. Meditation will help create smooth transitions in the air, but have no worries, these meditation’s won’t stop your active mind dear Vata. Visualizations and grounding mantras, will help ground that fretful mind so that you can put those brilliant ideas into motion.

Creative Visualization: Come to a seated position. You want to make sure you are nice and comfortable. Place your palms face down on your knees to promote grounding. Begin inhaling to the count of four, and exhaling to the count of six. Imagine a red lotus flower at the base of your tailbone. Envision it blooming on the inhale and retreating inward on the exhale. See the red light projecting throughout your body as you feel your tailbone root down into the earth. Repeat for 10-20 minutes. When you are finished slowly bring yourself back into the room. Throughout the day connect back to the blooming red lotus.

If you don’t have time to sit and mediate, but feel the fear arising or just want to feel grounded, repeat the mantra “I am rooted in the flow of life” throughout the day for 40 days.

Another way you can incorporate creative visualizations into your day is by creating a vision board. This helps you to focus on what you want in life. Once finished, place your vision board in front of you. Focus your gaze on it, envisioning yourself achieving your goals and then close your eyes and breathe it in. Sit with this vision for 10 minutes.

If you like more of a guided visualization, there are an array of books geared towards imaginative visualizations. Besides Deepak’s 21 day meditation Challenge and May Cause Miracles, I really like the meditations in Add More Ing to Your Life , or channeling my inner child with Starbright.

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