The Skin Issue: Ayurveda Skin Types

The Skin Issue: Ayurveda Skin Types

The other day, I introduced a facial steam before giving you the low down on Ayurveda skin types.

Up until my junior year of college, I never had any problems with my skin. I would get the occasional pimple but that was it. Perhaps it was living in a high heat climate, my eating habits, or going out too much, but one day my chin broke out and seemed it was here to stay. At least that was the case for the next three years.

When I started learning about different face types in Ayurveda, it became more and more clear to me that I could reverse this with balance. I switched to all homemade products using essential oils, dry brushing, and eating more vegetables. I also cut out excess drinking and most gluten from my diet. Exercising daily created a huge shift. I tend to have a combination of Pitta-Kapha skin. So I learned to notice when I am overheating my Pitta, as well as when my Kapha needs to detox. The more I balance my overall dosha, the better my skin gets.

When it comes to healing skin, I recommend patience and becoming aware of the trigger points. I tried prescription methods in the past and that never seemed to do the trick. It also turns out that it IS important to wash your face every night. I resisted it for years and I think part of the reason my skin got so bad, was because I had an overload of excess toxins.

Skin also changes with the seasons and times of life, so it’s good to be ready to adjust it if the wind calls. Here is a brief overview of skin types, but if you are looking to get more of a detailed idea on changes to make, I would highly  recommend seeing an Ayurveda Practitioner.

Vata Skin is considered to be dry, flaky, rough, barely burns and has fine pores. It can have a coldness and wrinkling aspect to it (all the more reason to steam.) To keep Vata skin up to par it’s best to avoid raw foods, since it’s harder for the Vata body to break them down. Stick with whole grains and cooked veggies. It’s important to stay hydrated and get adequate sleep to assure the Vata stay grounded . Keeping a Vata grounded through restorative yoga and foot massages, will leave the skin aglow.

Pitta Skin burns easily and is prone to acne, rashes, freckles and moles. It is usually fair and sensitive. To help prevent a Pitta from breaking out avoid high exposure to sun, alcohol, and spicy foods. Cooling and watery foods such as cucumbers, watermelons, mangos, and coconut’s work great for a Pitta.

Kapha Skin is smooth and thick. It tans gradually but can also become oily at times. It is prone to large or congested pores. Kaphas are the most susceptible to skin toxins, so it’s best to get those buggers out of here. This includes daily dry brushing, tongue brushing, and a strong digestive system. It’s best to avoid dairy, heavy and oily food’s and include spices such as black pepper and ginger to boost metabolism.

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