The Right Job For Your Dosha

The Right Job For Your Dosha

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It seems the number one question in the 20-something’s mind these days is what do I do with my life? Much to life’s dismay, crossing your fingers that the “Where do you work?” question on Facebook will suddenly read world traveler, it doesn’t always happen. It takes time to decide where you excel, how you are different from your peers, what comes naturally to you, what makes your heart beat, and what will pay for your wine and rent along the way. Lucky for you, Ayurveda may have the answer you are looking for. Depending on your dosha, some careers are better for you than others.

Take the Vata person, a lively creative individual who can quickly become ungrounded with too much movement. Since their dosha is composed of ether and air, they spend enough time with their heads in the clouds, so a pilot may not be the best choice. Of course, if your burning desire is to be a flight attendant, we can balance that out. At least we won’t have to worry about you misplacing pretzels, since snacks are a rarity on planes these days. Some careers that will highlight your “life of the party” trait are an artist, a yoga teacher, graphic designer, counselor, actor, musician, architect, ad director, or copywriter. The best jobs are those that will spark your creativity all the while keeping you rooted.

Due to Pitta’s high organization and purposeful energy, they tend to be the leaders in the working world. Although I had to reschedule Obama’s consultation, I’m sure he has some Pitta in him. Since we can’t all become president (sorry I called it first,) you can also look into becoming a doctor, marketing manager, teacher, lawyer, consultant, public speaker, director, project manager, sales executive, or entrepreneur. Pitta’s shine when they are leading and you don’t want to miss your chance to shine. Just beware not to push it when it comes to work, it’s easy for a Pitta to get burnt out.

Kapha┬ápeople are the ones who keep the work force alive. Their eye for detail, ability to multitask, stability and most of all, their nurturing traits are key in making sure that projects are completed on time and smoothly. They make for great office managers, massage therapist, human resources personnel, nurse’s, chef’s, archeologist, carpenters, fitness instructor, account managers, hospitality workers, and last but not least, career counselor’s. It’s important to keep the Kapha stimulated, so they don’t get lazy.

There are many, many other jobs floating around in this world, but understanding your dosha can also help your understand where you can best serve. Play around with the ideas, if you have more than one dosha in you, find a combo that will make you wake up excited to get to work. If all else fails, get in touch with a Kapha career counselor and let their loving energy guide you to your dream desk.

Alex over at Alex Ayurveda shares a more in-depth viewpoint packed with bits of wisdom – check it out here!

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