The Peace Pebble

The Peace Pebble

Oh Hi. How are you? I’m so glad you are here to learn all about the peace pebble. I’m sure you’ll love it if you just bear with me on this, okay?

I’ve been thinking lately about moments. About how life is constructed of lots of tiny moments and each one can have it’s purpose. I’ve also thought about how this purpose can so easily slip between your calendar events. You can get caught up in where you have to be, where you aren’t or where you get to eat your next meal. You miss out on connecting to everything around you, the people and most of all the fun that can be had in these tiny moments. You know, the space where you can find the real joy.

Just recently I was renting a house on a lake in Northern California with some friends. For a moment, I found myself wondering if we were playing the right games, if we were connecting and were we taking enough advantage of having this house together? Also, I wonder if the party I’m missing out on back in the city is fun or not.

Are you kidding me? I instantly grabbed the string and pulled myself back.

I thought about the idea of the peace pebble that I’ve been toying with. It’s this vision that there is a small (lets say iridescent) pebble behind my heart. It’s a minimalist so it isn’t taking up much room, it’s just there as an anchor of sorts. And when I find myself drifting away, I try to take stock of the pebble. I picture it and I take a deep gigantic breath. Sometimes I hold onto the breath a little bit before letting it go. Then as I exhale the coolest part happens. I envision the little pebble touching down on a bed of water and sending ripples all through my bones, in between muscles, and even “my aura” if we want to go there. Shit, I think we’ve already gone there. 

It’s as if a soft lace has been placed on the body and I begin to melt into the moment a bit. Into the no-nonsense here I am peace of mind. I’ve found my peace pebble and with that I’ve found a real sense of contentment.

The best part is, my friends had no idea I was secretly casting a spell on them this whole time.

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