The Art of Yoga Club

The Art of Yoga Club

What we now dub, the 90 Castro Ashram Yoga Club has turned into a weekly gathering of new and old friends learning yoga for the first time. A native to this ashram, I’ve developed the proper technique of zening a living room to a beautiful studio space. I understand this is a rigid task that must be completed with care so feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section below. 

1. Remove the multiple couches, tables, or chairs that hold places for all the “unexpected” guests that may stop by at any given moment. 

2. Mop the floor of any leftover beer from the weekend. 

3. Find any tea lights that men believe are equivalent to candles and pray that a newcomer to dolphin doesn’t sniff it when assuming position.

4. Locate any old towels (dish towels are ok), chair cushions, jackets or phone books for use as props and mats.

5. Strategically place friends on opposite sides of the room to limit the laughing. This is yoga and it’s serious.

6. Dim the lights to avoid judgement. Friends don’t let friends have improper alignment in yoga class.

7. Do the damn yoga.

8. Avoid (promote) sarcasm when people add their own very wrong, but interesting spin to the asana. 

9. Post class, chow on some fresh baked bread or pancakes and include a smoothie so you feel extra yogic. 

10. Repeat again next week.


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