Spring Check-In & Toasted Coconut Ice Coffee

Spring Check-In & Toasted Coconut Ice Coffee

Can you believe summer is about ready to hang out? I think it’s safe to say we made it past the Spring heaviness that can ensue and intense allergies, but who knows sometimes I like to keep you on your toes, just so I have an excuse to spoil you.

How do you guys feel? Despite people in my home and school being summoned by their sniffles I flew by (almost) swimmingly. (Too early for summer puns?) Any guesses what the circumstance was when I did feel under the weather? None other than sleep or lack there of. It was a great wake up call (sorry, I’m done) to remind myself to make sleep a priority! I’m the wildest 24-year-old on the blog circuit. Other than the sleep mishap, I’ve been doing these 6 tricks, taking spinning classes (since Kapha governs the legs), and transitioning to light meals. I must say, Spring never smelt so good.

I’ll be staying in Spring mode for a few more weeks but with the heat popping in and out I have to leave you with something juicy. This Ice coffee helps to keep things cool and by things I mean Pitta’s impatience and sense of urgency. I know, I know, ice and coffee … but c’mon who can resist an ice coffee at the first sign of hot days. While I usually shun ice because we don’t want to slow down our digestion, if there is a reasonable time to consume, it would be when the sun is in its prime. I mixed some coconut in because coconut has a magical (ayurvedically proven) way of cooling Pitta down. This coffee is best enjoyed during a “do less” break with coconut milk surrounded by flowers.

The recipe is adapted from the New York Times and I must say, it beats the hell out of saving leftover morning coffee.


  • 2 cups of coconut flakes
  • 1 cup of coffee (I use 1/2 decaf)
  • 4 1/2 cups of water
  • Coffee Filter, Cheese Cloth or a (fresh new) sock.

1. Begin by toasting the coconut on medium heat. No oil needed. Once flakes turn brown turn off heat and let cool.

2. Mix coffee, water and coconut in a jar. Let it sit for 12-14 hours or overnight.

3. Strain the coffee through a coffee filter, cheese cloth or yes a new sock does the trick and enjoy!

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