Simple Things 9/52

Simple Things 9/52

“3 simple things that remind me to slow down, every week, in 2014.”

1. Cooking. In Ayurveda a huge thing with what we eat, is how we feel about it. If we cook and put all those good vibes into it our food it will process in our bodies as so. I posted this photo on instagram discussing how many times I’ve spilled things during the past Mercury Retrograde. It was getting out of hand, think rice in the cracks of the stove, under tables etc. But I was able to put on some good music, get back to chopping veggies and put some serious love into that curry.

2. Saturday Morning Yoga. Nothing so sweet as heading into the city for an early morning class. I’ve been going to 02yoga in Cambridge whose “no dogma” vibe makes me feel right at home. Plus they have a vegan cafe where you can have smoothies waiting for you right when you get out of class. Saturday morning yoga calls for a vegan coffee smoothie, am I right?

3. Yoga Nidra after running. For a while I had it all wrong. I would do my Yoga Nidra practice and then go for a run. My run would be slower and as soon as I returned it would be back into the grind. Now I do my run and then do Yoga Nidra. It’s the perfect way to replenish after hitting the pavement. Now if I can just move this routine to Kapha time, I’ll be golden.

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