Playlist 12: For Everything in Between

Playlist 12: For Everything in Between

Hi you guys. How is your headspace these days? I’m currently spending my Sunday in The Kava lounge. The first Kava bar to open in San Francisco. Have you ever had Kava before? It’s a ceremonial tea that is said to have anti-depressant, anti-anixety and muscle relaxing properties. (More info here.)

I instantly feel a calm wash over me when I have a shell. The kind of calm I need as I’m adjusting to my new life back in the bay. It feels so lovely to roam these streets again, to ride my bike through Golden Gate Park when I need to reset my mind, to eat Three Twins Cardamon Ice cream (after I make juice) and to go dancing in sneakers. 

I’m also adjusting to working a full-time freelance gig with a commute. I’m getting into a routine despite my angst for such a thing and putting all my ancient practices to work. I’m learning how to choreograph my creativity into this new schedule and figuring out just how much sleep I need. More Kava please.

So this is the playlist for all those moments in-between. It’s for commuting, drawing, designing, doing yoga and simply zoning out. It’s nice to let the art of music help you connect your head to the heart when you feel everyday stress get the best of you or are just looking to bring more joy to those small moments. Happy new week.

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