Pitta Meditation's

Pitta Meditation's

Oh Pitta I know your true nature is to lead and you just don’t want to slow down. You mean to tell me I should meditate, when there is a world out there to be saved?! Truth is, the world could benefit more from a Pitta taking the 20 minutes a day to breathe deep. Plus, leading the world is not an easy task. Meditating will help rid of any stress, anger or impatience that builds up in the process. It will also make you sharp (witty.) I see you Pitta’s sitting up straight in your seat, knowing you will have a funny on day.

Practicing Compassion Meditation – Come to a comfortable seated position. Place your hands in gyan mudra to give your mind a bit of direction. Begin connecting with your breath. Fill up your abdomen, ribs and chest. Slowly exhale, pulling your navel back towards your spine. Sit within the stillness of breath before beginning your next round. After 3-5 rounds, begin inhaling and exhaling white light. Within this light let the feeling of peace take over you. If this is challenge, thing of a time when you felt more peaceful  Once you feel the peace within yourself, begin to fill the room with peace, your house, your neighborhood, city, state, country and eventually the whole universe. Extend that serenity out so far that people everywhere experience the peace you are feeling. After 15-20 minutes, slowly bring your awareness back into your body. Keep that sense of peace throughout the day, whenever you begin to feel impatience, anger, or stress arising.

Positive affirmations – Have these in your satchel at all times. It doesn’t take long for a Pitta to turn bright red (especially if hungry.) You can go with the short and sweet approach repeating “breathe” or “relax.” Or you could turn it more into a sentence with “I am at peace” “I am balanced in the flow of life,” or “Everything is working out perfectly.” Get creative with your affirmations. Find one that works best for you.

Guided Relaxation – Sometimes the best way to find the path out of negative jungle is to let someone else guide you. It can be hard for Pitta’s to let go of control, but it gives fresh perspective. You can find all sorts of guided relaxations through books, iTunes, or even try yoga nidra (yogic sleep.)

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