On Doing Less Better and Avoiding a Vata Fear Storm

On Doing Less Better and Avoiding a Vata Fear Storm

A ticking energy wakes me these days. Excited to throw open my windows, allow my pen to flow across the pages of my blue journal, and sip my half decaf cup of coffee out of a tall floral mug.

Everyday lately seems to hold this sacred energy. Where you don’t know what’s going to happen, but you’re excited for it all. 

That’s the beauty of being a beginner. An unknown force comes in to shake up the scene, add some excitement and take you for a ride. Some days, the beauty can be too much to handle. Others days, you can tense up at the newness of it all and so easily sway to the dark side. 

Perhaps, it’s an underlying lack of confidence or simply fear of the unknown, but in an instant, you question the path you are on. The saying, the more you learn, the less you know, shines in clarity. 

As the mind expands, the newfound space becomes a playing field for love and fear. You are either on your game or it’s a wash. 

As I enter into this beginner territory in a few areas of my life, I’m suddenly reminded, how important it is to slow down and find stillness. Be it laying slowly in the park or taking more walks. Maybe it’s chewing my food more, and cooking meals with ample time. Some days it’s shutting the computer an hour early. 

Being a beginner is a vata party. All the facets of the new trade need to find their ground. And I’ve found doing less, better, is the key to averting vata’s easily anxious energy into a full-blown fear storm. 

In times such as this, I also reflect on one of the biggest beginner journeys I’ve taken – my Ayurveda life. I’m still a beginner, but those first couple of years, it was a constant game of catch. It wasn’t until I slowed down and allowed the trust in myself and body to make the calls, that I finally found my stride.


I know things will pick back up soon. Once the beginner finds their rhythm, it always does. But for now I’m reminded of allowing space to ground this Vata. A chance to see where things fit, what works, what doesn’t and the hardest of all, being open to not knowing. 

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