My Skin Routine – Update

My Skin Routine – Update


Peeps! It’s been a long time since we’ve talked about skin care and the internet has certainly been a  little lackluster on skin care routine updates, so I thought I would take one for the www team. Unfortunately I don’t use a clarisonic so I can’t take a blog photo whilst using that, but I can put up a photo of me sitting in a tree.

It was very urgent that I write this blog post because recently, I’ve found my skin care to include half Ayurveda/half organic products. What! Isn’t this an Ayurveda blog! If we are being honest (which we always are,) the big guy in this routine is the food I eat according to Ayurveda principles. It’s been a long haul to get my skin to where it is today and for now, this is what works so I’m running with it.

(Reminder all skin types are different.)

When I began practicing Ayurveda, my chin was constantly breaking out. Between trying to crack the code to rid of it and not wanting to leave my house because of it, my life seemed over consumed by dots. I had seen a dermatologist and purchased countless products but things didn’t budge.

Eventually when I switched my diet and began eating veggies for the first time at age 21, things very slowly started to shift. Shortly after, I began incorporating Ayurveda into my lifestyle and again I would see that my skin would clear up a few more days a month. Still nothing to blog about.

When I quit sugar, another big shift occurred. Currently, my diet seems to consist of having sugar 10% of the time and I’ve noticed the few times I’ve fallen off and binged, I’ve broken out immediately. Turns out chocolate chips straight out of the bag are not sugar-free. 

Overtime, the more I cured myself on the inside, the more clear skin I would see. Mind blown?

Here is my action plan for taking care of my skin on the outside.

Daily – Wake up and rinse my face with cold water. Heat accumulates to the head overnight so it’s great chance to cool off the body and wake you up. I’ve grown to love this moment. 

Post workout/and or starting my day – I’ll wash my face with Ava Anderson cleanser. About 2-3 times a week I use the exfoliator in lieu of the cleanser. (Side note: the exfoliator is under 3.5oz so when I travel this is what I bring with me.) After my shower, I apply Ava Anderson moisturizer. (I also travel with this.) 

During the Day – I use tarte tinted moisturizer (I’ve had mine for over a year, so worth the price), and for nights out/events I’ll use the clay full coverage foundation. I love their products and find they are the first ones to not make my face feel like it’s suffocating. (Not dramatic in the least bit.) I avoid wearing all makeup at least two days a week. This gives my skin a chance to breathe and soak up the natural elements, obv.

At night – All I do is rinse my face really well with water. I don’t use a cleanser and I don’t add moisturizer. Night time has included a lot of trial and error, but I find using just water works really great for me. It also gives my skin a chance to breathe at night.

Some days – If my skin is a bit more dehydrated, I’ll add whatever oil I’m using for my Abhyanga. Currently it’s Avocado oil, but I use coconut and sesame as well. I avoid my chin when I’m putting the oil on because it doesn’t always react well. But massaging it into my cheeks/forehead area allows it to re-hydrate. 

Once a week – I do a face mask. Recently I tried the Tata Harper one and thought it was decent but not sure I loved it. I’ve also tried the Ava Anderson one and I really liked that but it’s a bit messy. I’m currently making just a Sandalwood face mask (also messy) but my favorite. Plus, it helps remove heat from the face. Fyi – if you ever have hangover skin – make a sandalwood face mask. You’ll feel better and your skin will thank you the next day. 

Bonus – I keep a spray bottle of rose-water around and spray it on my face a few times a day. So simple, but effective. I also drink a ton of water. All the restroom trips are totally worth it.  

Reminder, it’s taken me a few years and a lot of trial and error. Don’t get discouraged, you get to learn about your body along the way. Again, every skin is different. Keep trying, you’ll know when it clicks.

What’s your skin care routine these days? Are you all Ayurveda oils based or do you share with other products? Any tips you want to share?

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