Less Boring Work Salads

Less Boring Work Salads

I’m pretty great at bringing lunch to work. It’s only a 75% embarrassing trait. I feel very strongly that buying lunch everyday is a huge waste of money. If you are going to eat out you should be able to take your time and savor it. I also know that when you eat take out, it can take a huge toll on your digestive system. It’s subtle, but all of the oils and bigger portions can throw your body into all sorts of confusion that could affect it for weeks to follow. 

While some of these items on the list aren’t quite Ayurvedic (salads aren’t always the best choice because of their dry and cold qualities) they are super easy to throw together if you have the right ingredients (read: Less Boring Work Salads List). Life bonus, you get in a big portion of greens. To me having homemade food trumps all and my digestive system certainly agrees. 

You will notice that there are no fruits on this list. Mainly because fruits should always be eaten alone (within 1-2 hours of any other food) as it creates an indigestible, almost sour like liquid within the stomach that processes through the body best when given space. 

I included a grains section on the list. If it is really cold, dry or windy, adding some warm, moist grains such as cooked quinoa, can balance out the salad a bit more and bring more grounding properties to it. It’s also great if you are feeling in the mood for something a bit heartier. I tend to make a cup of grains at the beginning of the week and use throughout. 

Useless sidenote: Crispy garbanzo beans are my current favorite salad topping. 

Moving on. A lot of people I know, make the worst salads, don’t end up enjoying them and then want to binge eat something else. Enjoying your meal is the first Ayurvedic food rule I live by. If you aren’t happy while you are eating it won’t digest with ease. I also see a lot of people who make the same thing everyday and feel overwhelmed by the mundane. I created this list so that you can easily switch it up every week without having to over plan. Feel free to add things to it. It also helps to cook some veggies or protein in batches during the week so you have things ready to go. Change it up with each trip to the grocery store or even stock up on the super-foods to quickly switch up your meal. If you are feeling a little uninspired with salads try adding your favorite foods into them while you get used to the taste and remember I used to be afraid of vegetables.  

And if none of that works scam all the startups for their food deals.

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