Kapha Season is Approaching!

Kapha Season is Approaching!

Hello my Ayurveda enthusiasts! Spring is at the tips of our fingers and I’m finally hopeful that I can stop sleeping with two pairs of pants on. What a wonderful metaphor as we head into Kapha season and begin to let go of the winter weight.

We are entering the Ritu Sandhi time period, so make sure you are taking the time for morning routines, daily routines, Sunday night routines, or even some small routines. Doesn’t that sentence make you wonder if routine has always been spelt that way? 

Here are some things I’m up to during the transition.

1. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Oh no, have I joined the cult? This past weekend I went through everything I owned. I did a closet sweep a few week prior, but I was still able to get rid of 1.5 trash bags. My space feels oh so crisp. I was even able to take what was once a scarf shelf and turn it into a book shelf. If you own scarfs, I know you can relate to them never staying folded. Getting rid of that mess? Instant joy. I highly recommend clearing your space in prep for the new season. It will make the transition easier and bring more clarity to the mind, for real :x!

2. Authentic Sandalwood Powder. When one of my friends was visiting his home in India, he asked what he could bring me back. I quickly asked for more sandalwood powder (since it’s extremely hard to get and can’t be exported to the states :x). What he returned with, was a mortar and pestle (as pictured above). I laughed at his honest attempt. Turns out, he was so right and this is how his family gets their sandalwood powder. It’s directly sourced from sandalwood trees, which in 1972 were considered sacred and deemed property of the government. Sandalwood is serious business. You most certainly have to work for your facial mask, but it’s Kapha season and we could amp up our intensity.

3. Podcasts. When you are feeling sluggish podcasts are great ways to get the mind moving. Just pop it on as you clean, do work, or simply lay. It can also serve as a motivator and give you insight into new ways of doing things. Some of my favorites are anything by Tim Ferriss (check out the Tony Robbins episode), Dear Sugar Radio (great night time story listening), and Design Matters with Debbie Millman. If you are a NAMA member, they have an archive of past calls. If you can get passed the quality, it’s a great resource for current day Ayurveda.

If you are interested in a guided spring cleanse, Dr. Blossom & Kate Schwabacher offer a wonderfully priced 10 day online cleanse.

On to you. What will you be doing in the next few weeks to lighten the transition into Spring. And more importantly, any podcast recommendations?

  • I found your blog through pintrest from your Ayurvedic camping recommendations list. I love it so! Like I want to meet you! I go to school at the San Diego College of Ayurveda, I’ve got a year left for my Practitioners. Keep up with the bad ass posts. Let me know if there is anything I can do to support. I host Ayurvedic Cooking classes here in SD. Check out my site.

    -Gratitude, and Be Well.


  • myunits says:

    Amazing! and Thank you! Love your recipes will have to try some out!

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