Kapha Meditation's

Kapha Meditation's

When I was in college, I went through a good chunk of Kapha time. My Pitta self decided to spend the summer in Tampa, sunbathing in hot humidity, and drinking sweating with friends at night (I know the VPK heads out there are cringing.) Without being aware of how to balance my dosha, Kapha snuck in to rescue me. This caused me to sleep for hours upon hours. I had one friend wake me up at 2:00pm one day (yikes!) When I mentioned that I didn’t know why I’d been sleeping so much, his response was “because sleeping is free, and you’re a college student.” While this part was true, it was also due to an overload of Kapha and me not knowing how to care for it. Ultimately the sleeping was just creating more Kapha. In fact, even though Kapha’s are excellent at sleeping, they need the least amount. That’s why the best way for Kapha’s to meditate and stay balanced is through movement.

Walking Meditation. Were you hoping that I would say savasana? This meditation is great because it gets the body moving which helps to keep the mind from falling asleep or daydreaming. You can do walking meditation indoors or out, but I prefer taking it into the sun and fresh air. Slowly feel the placement of each foot on the ground and get connected to the earth. Soak in the sky, trees, birds or flowers. How zen.

Kirtan. Since Kapha’s are motivated by others, a group meditation such as Kirtan, which can also include some free flow movement can help stimulate the mind, keeping it from getting lethargic.

Pranayama Meditation Combos. Mixing pranayama (check out my sister’s latest posts on awesome breathing techniques) in with your meditation keeps the energy flowing. You can try doing a few rounds of breathing and then sit for a few minutes.

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  • Lin says:

    I also tend to sleep too much, and I feel better with significantly less sleep than I’m getting (I sleep maybe 10 hours a day, sometimes 11…) If I could consistently get around 8 hours I’d be very happy indeed..

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