In-between Holiday Meals Grocery List

In-between Holiday Meals Grocery List

Happy Holidays you guys! Here at Ayurveda Toppings it’s all about enjoying every last bit of everything. The late night family parties, the morning brunches, and gifts – the gifts! I’m kidding. It’s just about the awkward family moments and laying on the couch watching holiday movies. 

After about 100 trips home since studying Ayurveda, I’ve finally realized that one of my first stops has to be the grocery store. Of course I used to do this when I was vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, zero fun etc. But since I’ve created my own food rules, it tends to slip by the wayside. I’ve found having a few things on hand makes a huge difference. Behold a handful of items to throw together when you are feeling hungry or just need a break from the cookies.

  1. Greens. My goal is to get these in whenever I can. That way when I’m eating all the other holiday food, I know that I’ve consumed something good for me. 
  2. Avocados. They can make a meal. Be it on toast in the morning, afternoon snack, on top of a salad or a veggie burger. Bonus, good quality fats will help you reach for sweets less. 
  3. Lemons. To spruce up any meal. Bonus, squeeze into your water to aid digestion in the morning or after a big meal. 
  4. Veggie Burgers. For the times when your blood sugar level drops because you’ve been shopping too much without eating. A quick veggie burger can be a day changer. It is great on bread, salad or by itself. These ones are forever my favorite. 
  5. A veggie. Like I said you don’t want to buy too much food. Just go with one and depending on your kitchen situation, roast it, steam it or eat it raw. Having it ready to throw into a meal will help things feel more wholesome. 
  6. Almond Butter. Another great source of fat to help shoe off the sugar cravings. AB makes for a delicious snack or breakfast. Throw it on toast, oatmeal or even a spoon. It goes a long way if you are trying to not eat too much before a meal. 
  7. Toast. Ezekiel bread is my favorite. I always find it’s the easiest to digest and has only the best ingredients. This is great for breakfast, snacks or with a meal. 
  8. Sauerkraut. If you can get your hands on some sauerkraut, do it! It’s a natural probiotic so it will help your digestion throughout the holiday madness. 
  9. Quinoa. You could even purchase this pre-made at a Whole Foods. If you are heading to the cold for the holidays, this will be perfect to warm up any salad or meal. It gives a bit more substance to all meals. 

So those are my top food recommendations for in-between holiday meals. For me having some great go-tos allows me to fully enjoy all the other meals shared with family and friends. Unfortunately, I do not have advice if your family and friends don’t get it.

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