How Do You Know When You're Balanced?

How Do You Know When You're Balanced?

Holy moly. I received Katie Silcox’s book Healthy Happy Sexy last week and have practiced attachment ever since. This book is the call Ayurveda was looking for. It’s packed full of a genuine modern approach to the art of living. Filled with tips for food, sex, and general everyday live your life to the fullest ideas. I’m totally geeking out over it.

One thing I love (does it still count if you love ALL the things) about this book is when Katie discusses balance and knowing when you are balanced. She goes on to say “When we are balanced, our senses actually feed our good choices, and we become more tuned toward balance. When we are out of balance, they send us toward the people, places, foods, and forms of entertainment that bring us into deeper states of imbalance. Personally, I know I’m in balance when I start craving steamed broccoli, early nights with a good book, and positive social connection with my family.” 

It’s so easy to get down on yourself when you are starting something new or making healthy choices. And it’s difficult to decipher if it’s working despite the obvious, I think I feel great and some say my skin is glowing deal. But knowing if you are making the right choices in the kitchen or with your day-to-day activities is pretty powerful.

For me a sure sign of balance is when I’m excited to cook and when I cook in more of a balanced state. Some weeks I throw some quinoa on the stove while burning eggs to throw on top. Other times I seem to flow from each section of the meal while being able to clean the dishes peacefully in-between. Not only does it make everything a bit more joyful but the food carries a greater strength, making it easier to digest.

Another sign of balance is when I know exactly what to do for a workout and there is no restraint in getting there. Enjoying your daily exercise awards you with a calm mind, balanced energy and empowerment. Of course when you are majorly out of balance I think it’s important to get your butt to show up despite the force field you’ve enabled around your body, and car, and gym membership.

I also find balance on my mat. I love to start my morning with a brief 5-10 minute meditation and follow it by pulling a tarot card. When out of balance I reach for my phone and extra coffee. This results in me not being able to listen to my intuition as easily, being indecisive and frazzled. Same goes for my own home yoga practice. Balance helps me show up.

As Katie discussed social settings is another sure way to gauge your balance. Recently I went out despite feeling ungrounded (post holiday travel and indulgence.) As you can imagine the night didn’t leave me feeling fulfilled and to add to it, I felt as though I took twelve steps backwards from the balance progress I made. It’s good to know what the alternative is – when you can go out and come home feeling full, sleep great and wake up with enthusiasm. Which happened a mere 4 days later. Balance in action.

Lastly, I measure my balance based on self-care. Let’s be real, sometimes the idea of taking 10 minutes for abhyangadry brushing and oil pulling, is a comedy within itself. And to be honest, when I perform those feeling rushed, it only enhances that vibe. But when balanced, that time can feel like an escape. It leaves me with clarity and grace. When doing this followed by a home practice I melt into my mat.

It’s important to note that the more you find your balance, the more your glass ceiling will change. Katie says “Remember, Ayurveda is not about being perfect. It is about building loving awareness. It is also about consciously altering the conditions in your body so that Nature responds favorably.”

It’s a constant growth and exploration and that’s what keeps me coming back. A few years ago the peak of my balance was just making it to a yoga class once or twice a week. Watching it evolve is part of the fun. If you seem to feel disconnected to your balance don’t fret. It’s all about the little steps that help get you there. I also highly recommend celebrating the small successes when you begin to become aware of your state and have fun during the process.

How do you know when you are in balance? Share in the comments section below!


  • This is really beautiful, thank you. I especially like that you point out how our definition of balance changes as we grow and evolve, day to day, week to week etc…

    Personally my most obvious sign of good balance (as a person who typically struggles with too much Kapha) is waking up easily and being clear-minded in the morning, feeling well rested and full of clear, stable energy.

    Other signs:
    Speaking clearly and coherently and being able to express myself without feeling agitated
    Having clear skin
    Being able to laugh readily
    Having a flat stomach (no gas or heaviness)
    Regular, even breathing (when I’m not in balance I hold on to my breath)
    Having positive thoughts
    Being motivated into positive action
    Seeing the good in others
    Not taking things personally/being too judgemental
    Enjoying my yoga practice
    Practicing yoga with integrity, with the breath.

    Thanks for posting! That got me thinking 🙂

  • myunits says:

    Wow! So many great observations. I love that you bring up how you interact with others. You’re response shows that you may be in balance as we speak :). Thanks for sharing!

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