Ayurvedic Lunch Break Ideas

Ayurvedic Lunch Break Ideas

Five years ago, when I graduated college, I didn’t imagine that my path would lead me to being a graphic designer and sitting behind a computer for hours at a day. At the time, I was bartending, teaching yoga, studying Ayurveda and nannying on the side. Despite the oddity of it all, I fell for the irregular nature. I loved that no two days were the same and that I constantly got to switch up what I was learning. Then there were the few years that I worked in sports production and no two minutes were the same. 

Fast forward to this past year where I’ve been consulting within companies and having to adapt to their 9-5 schedule. I had (still have) a hard time with it. My brain loves new and different, it doesn’t do so well with familiarity. But, it has been a great chance to learn my trade more, save money and get grounded. You know a solid sleep schedule, eating meals at the same time etc. Things that are all pretty aligned with Ayurvedic guidelines. And I have to admit I haven’t been sick as much and my digestion has been better. Ah ha – only took me two paragraphs to sneak digestion into this. But finding ways to switch up the routine has been a necessity.

So I began to change – holy crap excitement so real – my lunch breaks. The best part (still with me?) is I rotate between these depending on my mood/intuition. It gives me a chance to check in with my body and see what it needs. A game changer for getting out of the soul sucking computer energy.

In Ayurveda, it is highly recommend to eat your lunch slowly and mindfully, chewing your food till it’s almost liquid, no distractions etc. And I do this sometimes, but I find for me I can still chew my food while kind of working and I feel more of benefit by taking an hour to do something I enjoy outside of eating. If I could do both my goodness that would be my answer. In fact I would love to spend the day just doing all of these things, but with only a hour, I pick wisely form the list below. 

  1. Walking. The client I’m working with now, has their office in the Marina district of San Francisco. That means that my long walks involve the Presido and Golden Gate Bridge. The walk is ideal, but really it’s all about getting the leg tingles, blood flowing and a little glow. 
  2. Yoga. The first Time I left for my break to go do yoga in the park my co-workers gave me the “are you sure?” looks. I invited them but they politely declined – too much work or something. But hip openers in between sitting all day is heaven. Or if I’m feeling like I can’t focus this brings me back. I usually do more of a yin type practice where I just hold the poses and take deep breaths. You know – finding the peace pebble and all. 
  3. Reading. When I was in Greece, I fell hard for reading again. It reminded me of growing up when I would check out as many books as allowed at the library, read them all in one day and beg my mom to bring me back. It was so nice to reconnect with that side of me again while on my trip. When I got back, I had a hard time keeping up, so I began taking my breaks reading my books – in the park, at coffee shops, on a bench. 
  4. Writing/Drawing. Really and easy transferable form of creativity. This is when I’m feeling uninspired or can’t find my creative juices. I’ll get it out on paper. Maybe at the library, in the courtyard at work or a coffee shop. Put on some music (or don’t), just try and get in the flow state. It may be hard to make stuff you love when you are in the middle of the work day. Who cares. It’s just about getting it out and connecting with that part of the brain. 
  5. Gym/Workout. If I’m too tired to workout in the morning and need more sleep or have a busy evening, I’ll try to fit a workout in during my break. I’ve been doing this workout and love it. 30 minutes a day works great for me and because it’s Vata season and discipline can be a blessing not a curse for Vata’s, this is just what I need. 
  6. Nap. I don’t do this, I’m not much of the napping type. But I have friends who swear by it. Some nap in their car, in the park etc. Okay maybe this is weird – maybe don’t do this one. 
  7. Slow Lunch. And sometimes I use my lunch break to actually eat my food. It’s a weird concept that has barely seen the light of the twenty first century but it is nice to slow down and savor. 

It’s a break for a reason. We need it. It’s a chance to re-adjust and clear the mind. It’s hard to keep stuffing up the head zone without giving it a chance to wash away. Make a choice each day to do something you really enjoy during the hour and notice how the change in routine makes you feel. Also share with me anything you do – as you can tell I’m always looking to shake it up. Happy lunching.

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