Don't Forget to Chew

Don't Forget to Chew

When a meal is as good as this, it’s hard to slow down and chew. (Compliments to Native Foods in Chicago.)

Last year I was at a Matisyahu concert that was followed by a Q&A. Someone asked Matisyahu what he did to stay grounded in the limelight and traveling. His answer was “I chew my food.” I think a bit of the crowd was confused, but this Ayurveda Practitioner right here completely understood.

Digestion is the key to health. So chewing your food plays a huge part. Although, digestion is different between the dosha’s, Vata, Pitta, or Kapha, these few pointers are optimal for everyone.

  • Chew your food until it is almost a liquid.
  • Take a minute before you start eating to settle in and set the intention of mindful eating.
  • At every meal, the stomach should be filled with 50% solid food, 25% with liquid beverages sipped slowly throughout the meal, and 25% left empty for everything to process.
  • Try including all six tastes in your meals: Bitter, sweet, salty, astringent, pungent, & sour.
  • Avoid skipping meals, this sets off the natural rhythm of digestion.
  • Upon waking, drink a glass of room temperature water with fresh lemon. This will let the digestive system know that it’s time to start another kickass day.
  • Eat according to seasons.
  • Avoid drinking ice beverages with meals. The ice signals to your brain to warm the body up instead of focusing on digesting.
  • Spend time resting after your meals. Lie on your left side, slow walking, or reading.
  • And lastly, some wise words from my sisterEnjoy your food!

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  • Caitlin Moon says:

    Also: sit down and eat. It’s something my mom has always told me to do because when you stand and eat your brain doesn’t register that a meal has just been consumed as effectively. I have come to realize that is is so true!

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