DIY Urban Yoga Retreat

DIY Urban Yoga Retreat

Warm sandy beaches, AM & PM yoga classes overlooking the ocean, someone else crafting your meals with love, self-discovery in the hammock, sounds great right? My thoughts exactly.

The last few weeks have been a bit different to say the least, a few events have prompted me to do some exploring about my philosophy. While discovering new outlooks is thrilling, I didn’t give my body a chance to catch up with my mind and before I knew it I was yearning to hop on the yoga retreat train and find some serious inner peace. Instead of wishing I was somewhere else, I decided to create my own retreat. Oddly my roommates weren’t making me meals, and I wasn’t doing yoga with waves tickling my toes, but I was indulging in prolonged reading, sophisticated naps, and some hardcore soul mapping.

Untitled78On Friday, Danielle LaPorte author of The Fire Starter Series & The Desire Map offered a Pay What You Can Day because it was her birthday. Not only did my heart open a tiny bit more for this amazing lady, but I knew the Desire Map was the exact key to start off my weekend. I anxiously waited to get home, pour my self a glass of wine and dive in.
Untitled2The best part about carving out time for a retreat is that reading all day is completely acceptable. I didn’t think about having to be at a brunch, a new museum or knock off things on my checklist. It was also time for me to reset back to 1/2 calf coffee. I veered off recently thinking “I got this.” My body begged to differ. So I enjoyed my cup of half calf in bed, reading all sorts of great books before heading off to morning yoga.
Untitled23On my way to get juice I took a stroll down Balmy Alley. I’m not sure what it is about this alley but every time it feels a bit different. They also added a new gentrification mural that was very interesting (I’ll leave my thoughts for in person.) Not being in a rush, I was able to take my time to notice the details, the way shadows were forming and how light was hitting the art.
Untitled26 (1)Living in the Mission district, mexican restaurants are by no means in short supply. While I am over burritos (yes, it really can happen,) I do love the inexpensive fresh juices you can get. This one even had pineapple in it!
Untitled30Something about bookstores and retreats just screams “hey call me in a day when I emerge!” Luckily I was able to pull myself out in under an hour. AND I didn’t buy one yoga book. A small feat.
Untitled31I also discovered my new favorite farmers market in Glen Park. Simple and to the point. It was amazing that you didn’t have to wait in line or navigate between the crowds. I’ll be returning! Untitled32Of course when you’re on an Urban Yoga Retreat, sometimes you have to deal with loud parades during your walking meditation. Challenge at its finest.Untitled34Nothing beats a refreshing lemon-mint water on a sunny Sunday Afternoon, and more future planning of course. Untitled74Would it really be a yoga retreat without a little collage log? Untitled80I ended the weekend with a Yin Yoga practice. It was a great way to wrap up, soak up and return to the hustle.

(not pictured, drinks & dancing at Public Works.. whoops!)

Have you ever created your own yoga retreat? What did you do? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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