Decoding Pitta

Decoding Pitta

The Pitta dosha is made up of Fire and Water elements. Pitta is the dosha of transformation and governs digestion, bring on that fire. Pitta’s tend to have strong digestion, lots of passion, and are very driven. However, its important to not get on a Pitta’s bad side. They can get very angry (quick,) and certainly lack in the patience department. A Pitta person is usually of medium build and has medium features. 

Some conditions that are common for Pitta’s are skin rashes, acne, hypertension, ulcers and inflamed joints. When in balance Pitta’s make for excellent leaders, are project starters, and quick-witted. 

Although beneficial for all dosha’s, it is great for the Pitta person to splash cool water on their face in the morning to rinse any heat that arose during the night. It is also important that a Pitta avoids working out during the hottest time of the day and when the digestion is the strongest between 10am -2pm. Pitta’s should be in bed by 10pm before Pitta time kicks in. If a Pitta stays awake past this time (especially if they are working on a project,) they may have a hard time falling asleep before 2am. 

You don’t want to deprive a Pitta person from eating. They get extremely angry when hungry. In fact I have a home video from when I was 5 and over hungry, throwing a fit because I wanted Burger King (I’ll save that gem for a special day.) Pitta’s don’t skip meals, we aren’t fun to be around when we are hungry. It is also best to stay away from spicy foods, since there is already so much fire happening. I know this may be heartbreaking. I may or may not have had straight buffalo sauce for meals at times, but I’ve cut back and don’t feel as weighed down after meals. Coffee and alcohol are stimulants, and since Pitta’s are already stimulated enough, too much will just push them out of balance. At this point in my life 1/2 decaf coffee works best for me, when the time is right, I’m sure I will eliminate it all together. 

When it comes to exercising, Pitta’s are competitive. When I was a kid I quit road-races because I had to move up an age group, and what was the point of running if I didn’t win? Turns out that is not the point. Keep it cool when exercising. Hiking, fast walking, light jogging, yoga (with compassion), and swimming work great for the Pitta person. Turn off the comparison part of your brain when you are working out, you are only doing your body harm. 

When you feel you are getting too overheated, a cool wash cloth on the back of the neck works great to bring the heat down. Cool, earthy colors and water fountains in your space pacify the Pitta. Spend time in nature and moonbathing (sunbathing is so out,) to create a soothing atmosphere. Most of all take deep cooling breaths, the world isn’t going to end if a person is driving too slow in the fast lane.

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