Decoding Kapha

Decoding Kapha

The Kapha dosha is made up of Water and Earth. Kapha governs the structure of the body. It holds all things together with its stability. Kapha’s are full of love, loyal, patient and calm. When they get too weighed down they can get very attached, lazy and greedy. They usually have a strong stable build, large eyes and thick hair. 

Common conditions that occur when a Kapha is out of balance are asthma, diabetes, depression and weight gain. When in balance, they are generally happy and comfortable in a routine. They are excellent at keeping projects going and friendships strong.

Kapha’s usually have no problem sleeping, but tend to wake up slowly and tired. It is best to wake up by 6am and avoid napping during the day. Since Kapha’s thrive off of stimulation, dry brushing the body in the morning is beneficial to get their circulation moving freely and their blood pumping.

The Kapha dosha has cold, oily and heavy properties. Since like increases like, it is best to avoid foods with similar properties such as yogurt, cheese, and milk. Foods that work best for the Kapha type are light, raw foods such as salads and fresh veggies. Kapha’s can afford to miss meals without feeling lethargic or tired, but it is good to create a regular routine of three meals a day, with the biggest meal being lunch. Avoid excess sweets, I know now you want to stop reading, but an overload of sweet will only slow down the digestive process.

Kapha’s are graced with excellent endurance (marathon runners,) their only problem is that it takes a kick in the butt to get up and moving. It is recommend to get exercise daily, to continue to create stimulation. Running, competitive sports, aerobics, biking, and energetic dancing work great.

Stimulation is key in keeping a Kapha balanced. Favoring warm spices or oils such as cinnamon, clove, and eucalyptus are great for clearing Kapha’s stagnant sinuses. It is also important to clear your space and avoid clutter. Bright colors help to motivate a Kapha. Remember when you are feeling sluggish, moving will make you feel better. Get some fresh air, try a new activity, meet up with friends, whatever it is that will help to keep your nurturing self around to balance out Proactive Pitta and Vibrant Vata.

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