Chia Cacao Cashew Butter

Chia Cacao Cashew Butter

This is the last week of the I Quit Sugar 8 week plan. I never intended to go this long. I told myself a month and then I would re-evaluate. Here I am two months later and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I have had sugar unconsciously (margaritas for the win), but other than that, avoiding it hasn’t been much of an issue. There was that stint at week 4 that made me wonder why I was even doing this, but once I got past that point it all changed. I’m loving the freedom that letting go of a bad habit brings and the self-discovery that comes along with it. Nerd status.

In the meantime, treats like these help. Being able to make your own food is a major tool when giving up sugar. I tend to make a treat or two over the weekends. While I made a big batch of Chocolate on Friday to take to a friends, it was time to make chocolate that’s not allowed to leave the house.

Now we all know how nut butters go. You have one bite, and maybe just one more, and one last one etc. So how about we just jump to the chase and say this whole jar is one serving size. Kind of like those cookie butter jars at Trader Joes. I heard you aren’t allowed to get up until the whole thing is gone.

Really though, this thing will last for a while stored in the refrigerator. So enjoy. You can also freeze some in a cupcake pan to make it more of an ice cream butter type of treat. Say what?

Chia Cacao Cashew Butter
(I was playing with the ingredients so they aren’t exact, but you are looking for a little thicker than peanut butter texture. Also the Chia seeds will absorb as they sit in the butter which will make the crunch go away)

1 cup of raw cashews
1/2 cup of cacao
1/4 cup of chia seeds
1/2 cup of Brown Rice Syrup
1/2 cup of coconut milk
2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
1 Teaspoon of vanilla

1. Grind cashews in a food processor till smooth. Add in the rest of ingredients and blend. Pour into a jar, throw on rice cakes, toast, or just eat by the spoonful.

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  • May I ask what benefits you’re getting from this new diet? I’m interested because I’m doing the complete opposite: eating v high carb/sugar & really low fat. I feel the best I’ve ever felt…
    Does your diet mean you can’t have fruit?
    ?✌️thanks 🙂

  • myunits says:

    I decided to give up sugar because I was addicted and wanted to break the habit. I found myself reaching for it after lunch and dinner and wanted to see what it was like without it. Some of the benefits have been: way more energy and concentration (esp in the afternoon,) more restful sleep, less bloating, easier creative flow and less mindless eating.

    I always know something works well for me when I naturally continue to avoid it instead of struggling with it. I’m currently not eating much fruit but that was just so that I could totally clear the body of sugar. After this week I’ll slowly introduce fruit back in if my body is asking for it.

    Very interesting to hear that your high carb/sugar & really low fat is working for you. It’s so crazy/cool how diff are bodies are. For me high fat helps sustain energy and improves my digestion – of course in moderation. Thanks for sharing!

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