Changing Your Story in Asheville

Changing Your Story in Asheville

Five years ago, I hopped in a car with my spiritual best friend Blake. I skipped class for a week and let the pull of the offer lure me the 700 miles to Asheville, NC.


I’d been undergoing a small transformation the few years prior thanks to my newfound yoga practice, but at the time, I was still riding front seat with old habits. This included the fancy diet of chicken fingers and maintaining my fear of vegetables.


As we got closer to Asheville, a North Carolina city that is said to rest amongst a vortex and mountains hidden with crystals, we felt a lightness engulf us. My mind seemed to clear of worry, doubt and most of all the restraints that had tied me for so long.


Blake felt the same. It was weird. We went with it.


We arrived in Asheville with the look of over-excited tourist beaming from our eyes. Surrounded by mountains, the town was keen to the eye and the food keen to the belly. I’m not sure if it was the vortex or simply finding a place where I felt understood, but it was on that first day in Asheville that I finally decided to change my ways.


In a matter of one meal I went from a carnivore afraid of vegetables (like exchange my plate if they were on it afraid) to a vegetarian. In an effort to get over my fear I decided it was best to eliminate all the foods that I would normally order. Meals were hit or miss as my taste buds got acclimated to the greenness, but when you stop restricting yourself of old stories, you feel as though nothing can get in your way.


That trip to Asheville was where it all started for me. It led me to Ayurveda, to yoga teacher training and to all my adventures in living over the last few years. It also led me to a love for life, which was something I was secretly a skeptic on for many years.


For me, moving there hasn’t felt right, but for my SBFF Blake, six weeks ago he was finally able to call the city home. And lucky for me, my schedule allowed me to visit just last week. It was a big loud sigh kind of trip that left me feeling connected and more importantly, gave me a chance to eat a tempeh Reuben. A brief look of my visit below.


Rosetta’s Kitchen & Buchi Bar – I’ve been to Rosetta’s a handful of times but the buchi bar part was new to me. This meant Kombucha Flights, Buffalo Chicken tempeh, Sweet potato fries and a side of sautéed kale all in one sitting. If you ever can’t find me, check here.


Laughing Seed Cafe – Tempeh Rubens & everything.


Noble Kava bar – The latest I’ve slept in the last few years has been 9am. After having a few servings of Kava I slept till 10:30am. Craziness. Kava is also said to help with social anxiety, anxiety in general, and stress. Check it out. It’s different and relaxing.


Dobra Tea – The coolest Tea Lounge. They have three different rooms in which the light gradually get’s darker as you walk through. Perfect for catering to multiple moods. The last room is darker and is filled with meditation cushions and short tables. I spent my time in here. No shoes allowed.


Wicked Weed Brewing – This was the only brewery I got to this trip. They have 32 taps and also serve 1/2 pints. Which is happened to be the perfect size at the moment. The set up was well thought out and the wait for food was long, which I took as a good sign.


The Little Volcano Yoga Studio – Love at first sight?! This small studio was authentic and unique to the owners sparking my love for studios all over again. I went three times because I couldn’t get enough. Classes ranged from a slow flow to Forrest yoga. I also took a Star Projector Class that was completely dark except for a projector that illuminated the ceiling with lime green stars. This class included yin like holds and even yoga truth or dare. Cool fact – the owners of the studio did a training with Ana Forrest at Yoga Tree in SF when I worked there.


Have you been to Asheville or do you have a spot that grabs you in such a way that you write weird new age blog posts?

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