Ayurveda Travel – Part 2

Ayurveda Travel – Part 2

Hi gang! I hope you’re wrapping up a summer full of good memories, vitamin D and copious amounts of ocean. I’ve been lucky to enjoy many a summer weekends on Cape Cod. While I’ll miss the salt water breeze, I’m certain my friends will be happy the summer heat is finally dissipating. The amount of time I’ve spent in the sun is not ideal* for someone with so much Pitta.

(*Too much sun/heat sends Pitta out of balance and shows up in the form of “I’m always right and if you don’t believe me I’ll get irritated at your forever.”)

Like I said, I’m sure my friends & boyfriend are counting down the hours.

Last week marked a change in seasons for me as I switched gears into my moonlighting College Football gig. And while this is one of my favorite times of the year, it also includes 14+ weeks of airplanes, rental cars and hotel rooms which makes for a bit of a shift in my ayurveda lifestyle.

Last year I compiled a list of things to bring. And I did… the first few weeks. I soon learned that my dry brush didn’t see anything but my suitcase and I was lucky if I took one bath during the season. Also, green powder mixed solely with water… not something you want to have twice.

And truth be told, when the season ended I had a deep cold for almost a month and felt as though I couldn’t snap back. Eventually, after a fight with my ego, I surrendered with much rest, purchasing a dehumidifier and buying Claritin. (Eekkkk over the counter drugs!) But sometimes when you are living the crazy hectic american life, you have to make up with the crazy hectic american cures.

Anyways, I learned a lot and this year I’m taking a realistic approach. I needed to bring things that accommodate the ever-changing schedule and as always, a special Ayurvedic routine treat in-case time permits.

  1. Triphala – Because flying paired with non-stop movement shoots my Vata up to the sky. I’ve been off the triph for about a year now, but I wanted to take some pre-cautionary levels so that I can feel my best this season. I started taking it about two weeks before the season started, and so far it’s been great. I take two before bed. If you are unsure if an herbal tablet is working for you, try going off it for a few days and then slowly adding it back in.
  2. Vigilant Eats Oatmeal – This season I’ll have a lot of early flights and while making your own oatmeal sounds wholesome, sometimes it just doesn’t taste as good. I love the flavors in these and bonus they come with superfoods and a spoon. Just a note if you are off the sugar – these contain quite a bit. The two with the least amount are Goji Cacao (7g) and Espresso Maca Mulberry (10g). I’m okay with about 10g as long as I don’t have any the rest of the day.
  3. Rosewater – I downgraded bottles to travel size, but keep this as close by at all times. I spray it mid-flight, when I land, during the day, in the morning/night and after I put on my makeup to help keep things settled. Instant gratification with this one.
  4. Coconut Oil – (My extra self-care time surprise) Because dry skin and so much heat. This summer, my abhyanga of coconut oil has been what has brought me back every time I start to go to negative city. I instantly feel cooled and taking 10 minutes for this simple act settles so many feelings. I pour some into a smaller container to get it through security.
  5. Mental Clarity tablets – When deciding what to bring this season, I was torn between this and tranquil mind. But knowing that mental clarity is cooling and the down south heat blended with travel, will sky-rocket my Pitta, this was my best bet. Also, my indecisiveness was getting out of hand.

Okay just 5 things for now. After test running them my first week, I’m happy to say I slept great, digestion was on point and even had time for abhyanga. Will see how the next few months pan out. I’d love to hear you quick and easy travel essentials!

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