Ayurveda Toolbox

Ayurveda Toolbox

Last year I talked all about how self care = self love. And that continues to ring true to me. The more I pay attention on how to properly care for myself, the less kombucha I need. It’s pretty simple when you think of it. But it’s the doing it (and remembering how easy it is to access) that gets tricky.

When I was fighting the winter blues last week, I talked about my Ayurveda Toolbox. Then it dawned on me that this toolbox isn’t so easy to access.  So I decided to compile a list of Ayurveda tricks I use when life tells me to get on my A game. See what I did there? 

Some things are taken from past posts others are just random musings from the health world. You’ll find a lot of this is common knowledge. When things get too complex I back off and end up not getting any of the benefits. Always do what makes the most sense for you and remember it’s all about feeling good. 

Winter Blues – Click Here. 

Kind of on Purpose Accidentally Eating Too Much Food – Make fresh ginger tea, lay on left side for 10 minutes, walk around the block, do the dishes, call in damage control

Day After a Hangover (you’re on your own for the actual hangover) – Morning oatmeal, veggie packed lunch with protein, detox yoga (lots of twists, break a sweat), oil pulling, facial steam

Soar Throat – Throat coat tea, simple whole foods, steam showers, rest. 

Reboot – Start with four good days of straight clean eating, workouts (2 cardio, 1 strength training, 1 yoga) let life do it’s thing, get creative, renew resolutions

To Stay HappyYoga Nidra, break a sweat on the forehead, creative projects (even if you aren’t a “good” artist, just make art) home cooked meals, a few pieces of dark chocolate, savor moments you love

Dry Skin – Rosewater spray throughout the day, Sesame Oil on lips and hands, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, rest. 

Face ResetSandalwood Facial Mask, Facial Steam, Toner, veggies, veggies, veggies. 

Anxiety – Chill out, watch movies, television series, audio recordings, magic milk, yoga nidra, walks in nature, do nothing, take a groundcation

Creating RoutineSmall Routines & Sunday Night Routine 

Feeling Stuck – Paint, draw, make shitty art, get on your yoga mat, DIY retreatdry brush & abhyanga

Burnt OutYoga Nidra, Step back from life, curl up with a book, lay horizontal, do nothing, eat warming foods & let go

Unhappy – Up the anti on spiritual reading, play uplifting music, do inversions, take deep breaths, plus these 5 ideas

Ladies Holiday – Cancel any obligations that aren’t pressing, eat warm whole meals, avoid inversions, lighten up your workouts.

Okay, so clearly just dabbling on the surface, that’s why I would love to know what you have in your toolbox, whats different or the same? What conditions would you like to hear about? Share in the comments below and take some extra time for self care this weekend.

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