Ayurveda Tips for a Night Out

Ayurveda Tips for a Night Out

Forewarning, this is one of those posts that will make anyone with children roll their eyes. But with New Years Eve just around the corner, I wanted to make sure you guys are prepared to have the best night out (or in, like I will be doing!) 

Yesterday I sat down to look back at 2016 – using this tool. It can be wild to think of just how much can happen in a year. I realized its only been a year since I took the leap to move back to SF. With that year a lot of crazy things have happened, I ended a relationship, my parents sold the house I grew up in, I traveled alone around Greece and really honed in on spending time on the things I love such as writing, reading, camping and a newer one – dancing. 

San Francisco has a great deep house music scene and I’ve grown to love letting the music take a hold. I often get asked what makes it good and while this is up for grabs, one of the main things for me, is if I feel that I’ve been on an adventure without even leaving the room. 

To me, dancing is a back door to some dark seated emotions. Dr. Christiane Northrup states in her new book Making Life Easy, “Movement, tears, and sound are like grappling hooks that go through the body and release chronic tension held in the nervous system, muscles, and fascia.” When you get lost in the music you begin to find random thoughts come up and some serious feelings get brought to the surface. The beauty of being in that setting, is that a lot of other people around you are going through the same thing. The emotions may vary, but the release is always the same. Pure letting go felt across the crowd. 

While I love this deep spiritual experience, also know as dancing, the late nights take a huge toll on me. I have a hard time sleeping past 8am, so the following day can be a very long, but I’ve found there are certain things I can do to soften the blow a bit. To make it more Ayurvedically friendly so to say. 

I prefer Saturday nights out – when I can have a whole day to catch up. And while I will always be in favor for club nights starting at 7pm, it’s pretty nice to not have anywhere to be until 10 or 11pm. Below is my ideal pre-dancing day that very rarely happens, but when it does, I notice I have a better night out and the next day is 10x better. 

  1. Get a good night sleep the night before. Sleep in. Wake up slowly. Write or read. Something calming and meditative. 
  2. Putts around. Get out any antsiness – browse the web for a bit, sit on the couch, do nothing. 
  3. But then do something. Maybe some work, errands, a creative project etc. Something that will make you feel like you are getting a step ahead. 
  4. Exercise. Not too much you’ll be on your feet all night. But a 20 minute run, a yoga practice, pilates. Whatever it is that calls you. 
  5. Take a nap!! Or just lay down and zone out to a television show. 
  6. Make dinner. Have a nice dinner that will leave you full and satisfied. Ideally something home cooked
  7. Clean your house. This can come in at any point in the day. But you will feel so much better if you come home to and wake up in a clean house. Remember you are cleansing your inside, you want to make sure your surrounding is clean too. 
  8. Dance your heart out. Don’t care what people think and just be with the experience. You will feel in the flow and not. You will want to take breaks. You will notice it gets dark for a second and then you begin to release. You can feel it, the crowd can feel it. It’s beautiful, cheap and some of the best therapy out there. 

Happy New Year guys! I hope you have the best Ayurvedically friendly night out.

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