Ayurveda Summer Grocery List

Ayurveda Summer Grocery List

Lets be honest – I’m jumping the gun here. But, my farmers market tucked in the eccentric neighborhood of Pilsen, Chicago opens today and its got me feeling all sorts of summer. We can all agree that, that sentence definitely does not make me a nerd, right?

Here is your summer shopping list (if you aren’t quite ready – this is the spring one). Remember to shop smart at the farmers market. Getting carried away with all the fresh veggies is a real thing, but wasting food is never a good idea.

If you haven’t already fired up the grill, get to it. Soak up a new style of cooking and relish in the perfect seasoning the medium can bring to your plate.

Happy summer eating!

P.S. Here are some past farmers market finds and a sweet summer cocktail to accompany your grill endeavors (maybe skip the ginger if you are pitta).

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