Ayurveda for Productivity

Ayurveda for Productivity

It’s said that the average amount of information we receive in a daily edition of the New York Times is equal to the amount an Englishman in the 17th century received over the course of his entire lifetime.

I sometimes find myself going down the what’s the point of it all rabbit hole, which is really healthy. Living in San Francisco, I see competition pour into every conversation. I see people going non-stop constantly. If we are being fair, there is a lot of cool things to show for it – but what gets me tripped up is if we know why we are doing it. Is there a certain outcome we are looking for? Or is it a mindset? Has overachieving become an unsolvable riddle? Is there any chance we are getting close to slowing down because we did it, got our inbox high enough?

I’ll probably have the full answer soon, but for now, what I do have is an Ayurvedic game plan to set up your day to bring you the most fluent creativity at just the right times. This way we can at least pretend to not be stressed.
When I get asked why I was drawn to Ayurveda, my answer is because it encompasses all aspects of life. It’s not just about diet or exercise, it’s about the years, seasons, and time of day. It’s about all those little moments that often get overlooked and how to best savor them. It teaches you how to make the most out of this life with what we have and gives you options to consistently make it better.
Just as a brief recap, in Ayurveda there are three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. They each represent some of our main moods and they each govern a time of day. They bring a sort of energy that affects moods and workflows. By knowing what dosha governs what time of day, you can create a schedule that allows for creativity to flow more and ease to show up. It can also take some of the pressure off of how much information we consume in a day. These times occur twice a day, but for now we are just going to cover the work hours.

We start the day with Kapha time from 6am-10am. Kapha morning time is best to gently get the body moving and your mind open. The Kapha dosha is nurturing, so it’s important to nurture yourself in this time. Make sure you are set up for the day; treat yourself like you would a child. This is also when your glucose is the highest so avoid looking at things you don’t want your attention going to (…e-mail, instagram etc.) I love to have a morning routine (meditation, journaling, yoga) here and then cover any 2-min tasks before we approach Pitta time.

Pitta time is from 10am-2pm. This time is best to schedule any of your harder tasks that require more attention. Because Pitta governs organization, it’s a great time to set any meetings or negotiations. I also like to accomplish my biggest task of the day in this time. Pittas have tendencies to be sharp, so doing these tasks at this time will allow for the best results.

As we switch over into the post lunch second half of the day, we cross into Vata time, 2-6pm. The best thing to do here is usher in your creativity. Vata time is when you feel less grounded and more connected to the ethers. Try exploring ideas or using your brain in a way that makes it feel innovate. What new projects can you try during this time? Could it be the perfect chance for a brainstorming session or exploring a new creative project? Have fun with this time.

One thing to note, is if you have a dominant dosha, you might be drawn to one time over the other. Instead of getting discouraged (with life!), try to see these different times of the day as an opportunity to explore outside of your normality.

I suggest attempting to frame one day of your week to best suit this schedule. Explore it. Do you feel any different? At the end of the day do you want to give yourself a pat on the back? If nothing else, maybe you can create an app to remind you what time it is and what we should be doing?


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