Ayurveda Daily Routine Cheat Sheet

Ayurveda Daily Routine Cheat Sheet

Ayurveda brings a heck of a lot of goodness to remember, am I right? Even after incorporating the daily routine into my life for a few years, I still forget certain things. Especially when the ole schedule gets filled to the brim. It’s not that I don’t want to do these things, but sometimes it doesn’t cross my mind until I climb into bed (on the side according to my dosha of course!)

Thus brings us the Ayurveda daily routine cheat sheet. I pulled in my must-dos, along with some feel goods for when you have extra time in your day. Print it out to hang in your bathroom, planner, or just hide in a place that you will find it at the exact right moment.

Download the full PDF here. 

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  • Love the checklist. It amazes me when I get part way through the day and can’t figure out what isn’t feeling quite right only to realize I forgot to meditate in the morning before the chaos starts 🙂

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