An Ode to Morning Coffee & Writing

An Ode to Morning Coffee & Writing

In Ayurveda, coffee isn’t always welcomed for the doshas. For a Vata it can be too stimulating, Pitta too heating and Kapha it can be welcomed as long as it doesn’t become a crutch. But in Ayurveda something that is welcomed is a well known line – “it depends”. Sometimes certain benefits (read: ode to coffee) outweigh the others. For me coffee is a welcomed sight. 

There is something interesting about being the first one awake. Some sense of calmness – the need to rush vanished. A dim light fills the room and coffee is yours and only yours. Cars are few on the streets below with the exception of the garbage trucks making their first rounds. Coffee & writing starts now but it trickles through my heart throughout the day. It gets it beating, keeps it organized and wrings out any dullness that arises. 

I’ve been creating this time for almost two years now. Sacred as this. It’s my time to usher in a new day. To make light for myself even if there isn’t any light that day. It jolts me awake and creates a vast landscape within the mind. It shares my secrets and knows me better than anyone. It remembers all the weird crushes and text banter. It knows the depths of my selfishness and the longings for love in all forms. It’s seen me a mess and once cradled my tears – it knows I’m not much of a cryer.

It’s been alongside from cars to airplanes, boats to buses. It’s traveled across the country and over deep seas. It loves a good camping trip and anything that involves multiple days with the same people and the jokes that surface as a result. It’s a friend, a lover, a parent, a church, a pet. And the best part is, it’s always close by to dance it out. 

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