An Ayurveda Practitioner Joins the Gym

An Ayurveda Practitioner Joins the Gym

And my first thought is wait they don’t supply dry brushes and abhyanga oil to accompany the body wash in the shower? But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before a swanky club in the heart of New York puts this idea to fruition.

If I tell you that the main reason I decided to join was the eucalyptus infused steam room, will you still read the whole post? Or should I pretend that I don’t go to the gym just to use it? 

When I moved to Chicago I tried a multitude of yoga studios. But, nothing felt right. Maybe it was too soon to move on from my community in SF (separation anxiety?), but I couldn’t bring myself to commit. Instead I developed a solid home practice and fell madly in love. Yet, something was still missing. Kapha season was on the brink and my digestive system was begging for me to adapt to the spring air. 

And in true Kapha fashion, I muddled over the idea of joining a gym for a few weeks before actually taking action. I had to weigh out all my options and make sure it was a good investment. Ya feel me kaphas? Finally one day I committed and it’s been one of the finer decisions of 2014. (The first being investing in a Brita for my bedroom – Pitta’s are thirsty!) 

I hadn’t joined a gym since high school, so I felt a bit out-of-place, but I grew to love the variety of classes. I am predominately Pitta-Vata with some Kapha and what I noticed is the classes at a gym can satisfy each little piece of my mind-body. Throw in some seasonal changes and you’ve really covered the bases. Here’s what I’ve been playing with: 

Spinning – When Spring was at its damp prime, you couldn’t stop me from spinning (unless there was pizza, duh). I was feeling the heaviness that takes forefront at this time of year and getting a nice sweat, working the legs and being in a group was just what I needed. While I thought I would HATE riding inside, I loved the cool air and dark lights – very ideal to my true Pitta nature. 

Yoga – Luckily my gym has a separate more intimate yoga studio. They have a range of classes for when I’m looking to spruce up my home practice or need a little bit more grounding. I was very a little angry when the hot yoga class was pretty much a Bikram class because improper branding drives me up a wall, but I got over it. 

Full Body Blast – These are the perfect 30 minute classes to strength train. They target all areas of the body and you’ve got it, they are great for the Kapha dosha. Kapha’s have great endurance and strength so this class whips one right back into shape. 

Ballet Burn – This is good for Pitta. It targets muscles, gets you to sweat a little bit and encourages you to slow down with grace. Pitta’s can get overheated and push themselves very easily and I find this the perfect kind of challenge. 

Extreme Cardio – I know another power house of a class, but it’s Kapha season. I’m sure I’ll change things up in a bit soon. Not much to say here except when you need to sweat things out and press restart give this a go. 

Trampoline & Jump Rope – For when I don’t have too much time but want to get the lymph moving. I jump up and down for 10 – 20 minutes. I’m sure the continuous laughter at myself doesn’t hurt the workout either. 

That’s the main gist of what I’ve been working with and as we approach Pitta season I’m excited to see what classes my body chooses next. On occasion, I run outside in the early morning (NOT the hottest hour of the day). I thought about forgoing the gym membership during the summer, but it’s a nice escape for my overheated Pitta tendencies. Remember it’s all about enjoying your workout. Switch it up when you need or keep it the same if it’s working. Be sure to read these Ayurvedic Workout Tips before getting the wheels spinning. And you thought you were getting out of a blog post pun free.

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