Hi! I’m Mairi, a NAMA certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Pitta-Vata, and visual designer/creative producer, living in San Francisco. Welcome to Ayurveda Toppings. A place where those who love Ayurveda and pizza can hang judgment free.

Ayurveda Toppings is a place where anything goes. I’ll share all different toppings of this Ayurvedic life. Some will be a reflection of Ayurveda, others may just be stories. At times, it’s more important to me to care for my emotions by dancing with friends late into the night than it is to be in bed by 10pm. Others it’s the latter. If there is any one rule in Ayurveda I follow, it’s the one “It depends”. For no two people or situations are the same. So take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to ask me questions and please share any of your toppings with me.

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Some more about me… 

Growing up, my dad was a lawyer/politician and my mom a yoga teacher. I spent my childhood at fundraisers held in pubs followed by early mornings standing on my head. My life has constantly been a 50/50 and after years of leaning too right or too left, I have finally loosened the grip and discovered my middle ground. I now have my Ayurveda and pizza too.

It wasn’t always this way. In fact, I didn’t eat a single vegetable until I was 21 years old. I lived off of chicken fingers and mac n’ cheese and in my teenage years hated yoga because my mom did it. But in the fall of 2010, I couldn’t fight it anymore. My digestive system was extremely weak, I had very unclear skin, and I was sleeping upwards of 12 hours a day. Also another little thing, I didn’t like life that much. 

It took me losing any form of identification in Australia to find yoga again and a fateful road trip to Asheville, North Carolina where I had vegetables for the first time, to begin feeling a bit more energetic and enthusiastic. Yet, something was still amiss. 

When I discovered Ayurveda I found the missing piece. Or in fact all of the pieces as Ayurveda, the science of life, incorporates just about everything. I enrolled to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner before I had even graduated college and watched as my life began to transform. The program was more than I could imagine, but at times too much. I was in a constant struggle of not wanting to give up the experience of a 21 year old, all the while thinking how cool it would be to be in balance with my dosha. Now, 5 years later I feel I’ve struck a balance where I get to live both lives. 

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*Disclaimer: Everything posted on this blog is general advice. Nothing can replace seeing an individual practitioner* 

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