5 Ways to Beat the Kapha Blues

5 Ways to Beat the Kapha Blues

I got the blues… the Kapha blues that is. The ones where staying in bed as long as possible sounds equivalent to winning a noble peace prize. Where catching up on Mad Men is pretty much like completing a triathlon (I really am proud.) And food, well food and thinking about food hasn’t tasted this good in a while.

The grey skies in the mornings and the June chill that’s hit San Francisco may have to do with it. Or perhaps it’s knowing that the endless Summer feel has swarmed the East Coast. Either way, the Kapha Blues were in full swing and I was not letting it sneak by me.

Here are my top 5-ways for beating the blues.

1. Gratitude. I’m pretty darn lucky that I never have to set an alarm clock. Even though I don’t have to be at work till 10:30, I slowly wake up around 6:30. In-between doses of extra sleep, I sneak in a few gratitude sentences to get me moving. I know when I get into a Kapha state, I want to clear the slate on just about everything, change my job, my house, my wardrobe etc. So instead of  thinking I need everything to be new, I simply smothered it with gratitude till it felt new.

2. Walking Meditation. While I wake up early, it takes a while to get my day going. But every time I get my surge of city nature, I feel back in balance. I’ve been digging walking meditation during this Kapha stage. I usually fit it in after I run my mile. I change the tempo of the music, connect to my breath, take time to notice the tree’s, mini flowers, house colors, nearby restaurants….. Before I know it I’m out of my head and into the meditation clearing.

3. Plan friend dates. It’s easy to think about just going home and climbing into bed, but it helps to hit the town with friends. I compromised with my doshas and went to the movies to see Before Midnight (10 stars!) I also went to House of Air, a trampoline gym and decided to fly my way out of the blues.

4. Add in plant life. Buy some flowers, or a fresh new plant and place it somewhere that you will see it a lot. On your desk, coffee table, next to your pillow…

5. Avoid snacking and drink green juice! Slower digestion can join in on the jam session really taking a stab at the whole Blues things you’ve got going on. Avoiding snacks between meals helps to allow the previous meal to digest, which is important during Kapha time. I also make sure to make green juice at least 5 days a week and tend to drink it in the afternoon to keep my energy up, not to mention the surge of nutrients hitting the blood stream nourishing the digestive system!

For more info on the best Kapha routine’s & diet click here.

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