5 Ayurveda Toppings You Can Bring Into Your Life Right Now

5 Ayurveda Toppings You Can Bring Into Your Life Right Now

Hello my Ayurvedic pizza heads! You may have noticed things have changed around here. After five years, it was finally time for me to sneak pizza into my message.

What was once Live Mukta (the free or liberated mind) has warped into Ayurveda Toppings (Ayurveda for people who like pizza). Sophisticated, I know. While attaining a free or liberated mind is always at the core of what I do and the choices I make, I wanted to remind people that it’s okay to make different choices. To break free of the yogic stigma a bit and shape our Ayurveda life in different ways. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that these rules were formed 5000 years ago in India where we were worlds apart from our current reality. I’m a believer that the energy we put towards the things we love will bring more into our lives than say a kale salad in which we hate every bite. No hate on kale, but can we agree that cooked kale wins by a landslide? Thus leads me to my first Ayurvedic topping that you can incorporate into your life right now. 

  1. Cook your food. Not only do you know what you are putting in your food, but you also have the experience of transforming things. You get to be involved in the process and the best part is you get to put all the love into your food. Then sit and savor it knowing you created it. Nothing beats it and your digestive system can usually vouch for that. 
  2. Dry Brushing. Put your dry brush in the shower and then throw your soap on it. A two for one deal. Make sure to dry brush towards your heart. This moves the lymph, gets rid of dry skin and helps release toxins. It can take just a few minutes and make such a difference. It’s especially great if you have poor circulation. 
  3. Morning Routine. Find what works for you. It may be just a simple mediation, writing or enjoying some quiet time staring outside the window. Really whatever makes you happy – a good book, working in your garden or going to a certain coffee shop. For a while I put my meditation practice ahead of my writing and it just didn’t leave me with the same brain dump, peaceful vibe. I switched back and now the morning is my favorite time of day again. Do what works best for you and who cares what the latest blog says is best.  Just aim to clear your mind, set the pace for your day and give yourself something to look forward to in the morning.
  4. A little movement. Go for a walk, do some yoga poses or get a full on workout. Even a few minutes of jumping jacks in your living room will work wonders. It helps to get the body moving and things un-stuck. Remember the key to health in Ayurveda is good digestion. If you aren’t moving your body things won’t move through you.
  5. Make time for creativity and learning. Maybe it’s a new class on Skillshare, a good book, drawing (I don’t care if you suck), learning a language etc. Just aim for doing something that gets the brain moving and nourished – 10 minutes is super cool. It keeps life exciting and you’ll notice you find more of a flow state in your day to day. Bonus, it may help generate more ideas, jokes, or moments of joy. 

Ayurveda doesn’t have to be all about food, long daily routines, or turmeric (but go turmeric – you are really getting the attention you deserve right now). It can be simple little things that you look forward to so that it becomes a part of your life not just a phase.


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