Ayurveda Winter Grocery List

Ayurveda Winter Grocery List

I did it again. I managed to escape winter. My body is absolutely confused as just weeks ago it was prepping for the cold, snow covered environment, but I was a bit jealous last week when east coasters were land locked to their house. I’ll look on the bright side for you – you can catch up on all the books you got for Christmas! You can start a new series! Bake cookies?

Despite that there is no snow on the ground here in San Francisco, I have to remind myself that we still get a heaping of the season. Yes it doesn’t leave you land locked, and no I won’t be hunkering down but it’s here in all it’s subtle mysterious ways. 

I noticed the last few weeks that I’ve been eating more warm meals, with a bit more weight to them. At first I was wondering what was up, and then I remembered it’s the body doing all it’s seriously cool tricks to make sure we can survive this time of year. The rest is up to this.  

You may notice that the list isn’t too different from the fall grocery list, as they are both governed by the Vata dosha. However as we hit the half-way point in Winter and we start to feel inklings of Spring coming on, you may want to revert to the spring Grocery list as the Kapha dosha will begin to take reign. Remember cooked foods our best this time of year as our bodies need all the warmth.

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